List types

[one_fifth] [list type=”icon-glass”]
  • icon-glass
[/list] [list type=”icon-music”]
  • icon-music
[/list] [list type=”icon-search”]
  • icon-search
[/list] [list type=”icon-envelope”]
  • icon-envelope
[/list] [list type=”icon-heart”]
  • icon-heart
[/list] [list type=”icon-star”]
  • icon-star
[/list] [list type=”icon-star-empty”]
  • icon-star-empty
[/list] [list type=”icon-user”]
  • icon-user
[/list] [list type=”icon-film”]
  • icon-film
[/list] [list type=”icon-fullscreen”]
  • icon-fullscreen
[/list] [list type=”icon-th-large”]
  • icon-th-large
[/list] [list type=”icon-th”]
  • icon-th
[/list] [list type=”icon-th-list”]
  • icon-th-list
[/list] [list type=”icon-ok”]
  • icon-ok
[/list] [list type=”icon-remove”]
  • icon-remove
[/list] [list type=”icon-zoom-in”]
  • icon-zoom-in
[/list] [list type=”icon-zoom-out”]
  • icon-zoom-out
[/list] [list type=”icon-off”]
  • icon-off
[/list] [list type=”icon-signal”]
  • icon-signal
[/list] [list type=”icon-cog”]
  • icon-cog
[/list] [list type=”icon-trash”]
  • icon-trash
[/list] [list type=”icon-home”]
  • icon-home
[/list] [list type=”icon-file”]
  • icon-file
[/list] [list type=”icon-time”]
  • icon-time
[/list] [list type=”icon-road”]
  • icon-road
[/list] [list type=”icon-download-alt”]
  • icon-download-alt
[/list] [list type=”icon-download”]
  • icon-download
[/list] [list type=”icon-upload”]
  • icon-upload
[/list] [list type=”icon-inbox”]
  • icon-inbox
[/list] [/one_fifth] [one_fifth] [list type=”icon-play-circle”]
  • icon-play-circle
[/list] [list type=”icon-repeat”]
  • icon-repeat
[/list] [list type=”icon-refresh”]
  • icon-refresh
[/list] [list type=”icon-list-alt”]
  • icon-list-alt
[/list] [list type=”icon-lock”]
  • icon-lock
[/list] [list type=”icon-flag”]
  • icon-flag
[/list] [list type=”icon-headphones”]
  • icon-headphones
[/list] [list type=”icon-volume-off”]
  • icon-volume-off
[/list] [list type=”icon-volume-down”]
  • icon-volume-down
[/list] [list type=”icon-volume-up”]
  • icon-volume-up
[/list] [list type=”icon-qrcode”]
  • icon-qrcode
[/list] [list type=”icon-barcode”]
  • icon-barcode
[/list] [list type=”icon-tag”]
  • icon-tag
[/list] [list type=”icon-tags”]
  • icon-tags
[/list] [list type=”icon-book”]
  • icon-book
[/list] [list type=”icon-bookmark”]
  • icon-bookmark
[/list] [list type=”icon-print”]
  • icon-print
[/list] [list type=”icon-briefcase”]
  • icon-briefcase
[/list] [list type=”icon-camera”]
  • icon-camera
[/list] [list type=”icon-font”]
  • icon-font
[/list] [list type=”icon-bold”]
  • icon-bold
[/list] [list type=”icon-italic”]
  • icon-italic
[/list] [list type=”icon-text-height”]
  • icon-text-height
[/list] [list type=”icon-text-width”]
  • icon-text-width
[/list] [list type=”icon-align-left”]
  • icon-align-left
[/list] [list type=”icon-align-center”]
  • icon-align-center
[/list] [list type=”icon-align-right”]
  • icon-align-right
[/list] [list type=”icon-align-justify”]
  • icon-align-justify
[/list] [list type=”icon-list”]
  • icon-list
[/list] [/one_fifth] [one_fifth] [list type=”icon-indent-left”]
  • icon-indent-left
[/list] [list type=”icon-indent-right”]
  • icon-indent-right
[/list] [list type=”icon-facetime-video”]
  • icon-facetime-video
[/list] [list type=”icon-picture”]
  • icon-picture
[/list] [list type=”icon-pencil”]
  • icon-pencil
[/list] [list type=”icon-map-marker”]
  • icon-map-marker
[/list] [list type=”icon-adjust”]
  • icon-adjust
[/list] [list type=”icon-tint”]
  • icon-tint
[/list] [list type=”icon-edit”]
  • icon-edit
[/list] [list type=”icon-share”]
  • icon-share
[/list] [list type=”icon-check”]
  • icon-check
[/list] [list type=”icon-filter”]
  • icon-filter
[/list] [list type=”icon-move”]
  • icon-move
[/list] [list type=”icon-step-backward”]
  • icon-step-backward
[/list] [list type=”icon-fast-backward”]
  • icon-fast-backward
[/list] [list type=”icon-backward”]
  • icon-backward
[/list] [list type=”icon-play”]
  • icon-play
[/list] [list type=”icon-pause”]
  • icon-pause
[/list] [list type=”icon-stop”]
  • icon-stop
[/list] [list type=”icon-forward”]
  • icon-forward
[/list] [list type=”icon-fast-forward”]
  • icon-fast-forward
[/list] [list type=”icon-step-forward”]
  • icon-step-forward
[/list] [list type=”icon-eject”]
  • icon-eject
[/list] [list type=”icon-chevron-left”]
  • icon-chevron-left
[/list] [list type=”icon-chevron-right”]
  • icon-chevron-right
[/list] [list type=”icon-plus-sign”]
  • icon-plus-sign
[/list] [list type=”icon-minus-sign”]
  • icon-minus-sign
[/list] [list type=”icon-remove-sign”]
  • icon-remove-sign
[/list] [list type=”icon-ok-sign”]
  • icon-ok-sign
[/list] [/one_fifth] [one_fifth] [list type=”icon-question-sign”]
  • icon-question-sign
[/list] [list type=”icon-info-sign”]
  • icon-info-sign
[/list] [list type=”icon-screenshot”]
  • icon-screenshot
[/list] [list type=”icon-remove-circle”]
  • icon-remove-circle
[/list] [list type=”icon-ok-circle”]
  • icon-ok-circle
[/list] [list type=”icon-ban-circle”]
  • icon-ban-circle
[/list] [list type=”icon-arrow-left”]
  • icon-arrow-left
[/list] [list type=”icon-arrow-right”]
  • icon-arrow-right
[/list] [list type=”icon-arrow-up”]
  • icon-arrow-up
[/list] [list type=”icon-arrow-down”]
  • icon-arrow-down
[/list] [list type=”icon-share-alt”]
  • icon-share-alt
[/list] [list type=”icon-resize-full”]
  • icon-resize-full
[/list] [list type=”icon-resize-small”]
  • icon-resize-small
[/list] [list type=”icon-plus”]
  • icon-plus
[/list] [list type=”icon-minus”]
  • icon-minus
[/list] [list type=”icon-asterisk”]
  • icon-asterisk
[/list] [list type=”icon-exclamation-sign”]
  • icon-exclamation-sign
[/list] [list type=”icon-gift”]
  • icon-gift
[/list] [list type=”icon-leaf”]
  • icon-leaf
[/list] [list type=”icon-fire”]
  • icon-fire
[/list] [list type=”icon-eye-open”]
  • icon-eye-open
[/list] [list type=”icon-eye-close”]
  • icon-eye-close
[/list] [list type=”icon-warning-sign”]
  • icon-warning-sign
[/list] [list type=”icon-plane”]
  • icon-plane
[/list] [list type=”icon-calendar”]
  • icon-calendar
[/list] [list type=”icon-random”]
  • icon-random
[/list] [list type=”icon-comment”]
  • icon-comment
[/list] [list type=”icon-magnet”]
  • icon-magnet
[/list] [list type=”icon-chevron-up”]
  • icon-chevron-up
[/list] [/one_fifth] [one_fifth_last] [list type=”icon-chevron-down”]
  • icon-chevron-down
[/list] [list type=”icon-retweet”]
  • icon-retweet
[/list] [list type=”icon-shopping-cart”]
  • icon-shopping-cart
[/list] [list type=”icon-folder-close”]
  • icon-folder-close
[/list] [list type=”icon-folder-open”]
  • icon-folder-open
[/list] [list type=”icon-resize-vertical”]
  • icon-resize-vertical
[/list] [list type=”icon-resize-horizontal”]
  • icon-resize-horizontal
[/list] [list type=”icon-hdd”]
  • icon-hdd
[/list] [list type=”icon-bullhorn”]
  • icon-bullhorn
[/list] [list type=”icon-bell”]
  • icon-bell
[/list] [list type=”icon-certificate”]
  • icon-certificate
[/list] [list type=”icon-thumbs-up”]
  • icon-thumbs-up
[/list] [list type=”icon-thumbs-down”]
  • icon-thumbs-down
[/list] [list type=”icon-hand-right”]
  • icon-hand-right
[/list] [list type=”icon-hand-left”]
  • icon-hand-left
[/list] [list type=”icon-hand-up”]
  • icon-hand-up
[/list] [list type=”icon-hand-down”]
  • icon-hand-down
[/list] [list type=”icon-circle-arrow-right”]
  • icon-circle-arrow-right
[/list] [list type=”icon-circle-arrow-left”]
  • icon-circle-arrow-left
[/list] [list type=”icon-circle-arrow-up”]
  • icon-circle-arrow-up
[/list] [list type=”icon-circle-arrow-down”]
  • icon-circle-arrow-down
[/list] [list type=”icon-globe”]
  • icon-globe
[/list] [list type=”icon-wrench”]
  • icon-wrench
[/list] [list type=”icon-tasks”]
  • icon-tasks
[/list] [/one_fifth_last]






[divider type=”type_1″] [alert-info]

List of possible attributes:

  • type = List style. 140 styles available. See Above for possible types.
[toggle title=”Get the code” hidden=”true”] [[list type=”watch”] <ul>
<li>type = watch</li>
<li>type = watch</li>
<li>type = watch</li>
[/list]] [/toggle]